RV 3000


Product Information

Model : RV 3000
Input Impedensi
With Remote Control
Suara input 250mV/47K1)
Mikrofon input 5mV/6000
Tone Control
Bass f-100Hz 14dB
Treble f=1OKHz #14dB
Separasi Master Channel 45dB
Frekuensi Respon
Master Channel f-20Hz-20KHz < 2dB
Signal to noise
Master Channel 71d8
Speaker System
Master Channel 4 ohm
input Power AC-220V-240N 50Hz-60Hz
OUTPUT Watts(1KHzl 40hm/RMS) 35OWatts X 2

Sudah Support Bluetooth Mp3 / USB Mp3
Tersedia 8 slot colokan mic input
Tersedia echo / mid / low / hight

Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun HARDWELL
( termasuk KARTU GARANSI )

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